Five students from Welcombe Hills School will spend a year working in a range of RSC departments, finding out how a theatre works and learning new skills.

In September, we welcomed five new interns to the RSC for a year of supported work experience.

The students are all from Welcombe Hills special school in Stratford-upon-Avon, which is part of our Associate Schools Programme. They've each been attached to a department based on their skills and interests, and will be working in a range of roles, from Box Office to Props, Events and Exhibitions to HR.

Education intern Chelsea said: “Everybody has been really friendly, and I’ve learnt quite a bit. I went into my first meeting last week…People don’t have to put their hands up like at school; they just said what their thoughts were and responded to questions at appropriate times. I am glad that I was chosen to be one of the interns".

four young men and one young woman posed for the camera
Our interns from Welcombe Hills School. From left to right are Sam, Josh, Chelsea, Matt and Ryan.
Photo by Emily Magdij © RSC Browse and license our images
  • Matt is working in our Estates department, fixing, building preparing for events, and inflating 147 footballs for The Boy in the Dress promotional campaigns. He's hoping to get some great experience for a career in plumbing and maintenance. 
  • Ryan is enjoying meeting lots of new people in his job Front of House, accompanying visitors to the top of the tower and helping audiences find their seats in performances in the Swan Theatre. 
  • Chelsea is working in the Education department and will move on to our exhibition The Play's The Thing in February.
  • Josh is working in the Props department, where one of his jobs is to answer enquiries from people who want to hire out the props

  • Sam is helping to provide admin support in the executive office, before moving on to Human Resources in February next year. 


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