The cast of our new musical The Boy in the Dress enjoyed a surprise visit from singer-songwriter Robbie Williams ahead of the show’s opening in Stratford-upon-Avon on 8 November.

The new musical, based on the best-selling novel by David Walliams, features 16 original compositions by Robbie Williams and his long-term writing partner Guy Chambers.

Robbie met the children and adult actors who will be performing his songs, and watched some of the scenes in rehearsal.

He said: “I went to a lot of theatre when I was a kid and I was in a lot of theatre as a kid and I remember the overwhelming feeling of people clapping for me and cheering for me. It was the first time that I thought maybe I’m good at something, and to this day, that moment is still palpable. Looking at this young cast and seeing them perform, I feel like I know them because I’ve been them.”

Watch the video to see what Robbie thinks of the show so far and which of the songs is his personal favourite:

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