250 young people in Birmingham and Warwickshire will receive individual laptops and free data to support their learning through the initiative.

We have teamed up with SCC, Europe’s biggest independent technology solutions provider, to supply laptops and a year's worth of free data to young people from 12 of our Associate Schools in Birmingham and Warwickshire.

The project is being funded by SCC’s charitable trust, The Rigby Foundation, which has long invested in causes relating to lifelong learning, health and education. It will help the students access learning and arts opportunities at home as well as in school, which is more crucial than ever as the Covid-19 pandemic moves more teaching online. Many families do not have regular or easy access to computers, tablets or broadband connectivity, putting affected young people at risk of missing out on educational and cultural opportunities.

A girl holds a laptop
A girl receiving her laptop.

The RSC's network of over 250 Associate Schools focuses on areas with limited access to arts learning opportunities. Our Director of Education, Jacqui O'Hanlon, said about the initiative: "This wonderful gift from SCC’s charitable trust means that 250 children will be able to access online learning opportunities wherever they are, and ensure they are acquiring important new skills along the way. The next few months continue to be uncertain, but these young people will have the right tools to keep on progressing and developing, supported both by technology and the talents of their dedicated teachers.”

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