Today (14 November) is Love Theatre Day – it’s a chance to celebrate theatre and everything we love about it.

Throughout the day we will be sharing behind the scenes content across social media for #LoveTheatreDay.

Backstage heroes

See the behind the scenes work that goes into our shows, from making props to building scenery, stitching costumes and much more. Meet our carpenters, costumiers and scenic artists.

Troilus and Cressida Live from Stratford-upon-Avon

Live updates from behind the scenes of our 22nd Live From Stratford-upon-Avon broadcast. As audiences gather in cinemas across the UK, we show you how we bring the Royal Shakespeare Theatre stage to the big screen.

Watch our 100th Whisper

Whispers From the Wings is where our actors blog and vlog about there experiences of working on our shows, sharing the highs and lows of the whole experience, from auditions to opening nights. Deaf actor Charlotte Arrowsmith has produced a series of vlogs as part of Whispers from the Wings and today’s vlog, Camera Rehearsal is our 100th Whisper. See an actor's perspective on broadcasting a stage show live into cinemas.

Watch Charlotte's vlog

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