Book our new professional development courses for the autumn.

We have three new courses available in October and November, using the approaches we've developed with schools over more than a decade to empower young people to bring complex language to life. They enable students to work on Shakespeare's plays in the same way that our actors do in a rehearsal room: making language truly meaningful through investigation and performance.

Whichever you choose, we aim to provide you with practical, engaging and inspiring techniques for teaching Shakespeare to students of all ages and abilities.


a group of children in teal school uniform jumpers crouching down on the floor acting
Pupils using rehearsal and performance approaches to Shakespeare
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Teaching Shakespeare in the Primary Classroom

24 October, Stratford-upon-Avon

From ways of ensuring your pupils are ready to engage with Shakespeare, to techniques to help them access the language and the world of the plays, this one day course will use Romeo and Juliet and Troilus and Cressida as examples of how to approach Shakespeare in the Primary classroom.

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Improving Literacy through Matilda The Musical

9-10 November 2018, Central London

This new and exciting two day course explores ways of using Matilda The Musical to inspire and extend writing within the Primary classroom, alongside practical exercise that encourage pupils to engage with the text through rehearsal and performance approaches.

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Teaching Shakespeare with pupils with Special Needs

9 October 2018, Stratford-upon-Avon

Explore ways of adapting rehearsal room approaches to Shakespeare for the benefit of pupils with special needs. Using proven techniques you will look at how to approach Shakespeare in ways that honour, support and celebrate the needs and attributes of those pupils.

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