See our shows in a less formal environment with chilled and relaxed performances.

This week is National Autism Week and we can announce autism-friendly performances of A Christmas Carol, The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Comedy of Errors: First Encounters and Matilda The Musical.

These performances take a more relaxed approach to noise and movement, so are ideal for those with autism, learning disabilities, dementia or very young children. However, anyone is welcome to attend.

Find out about our upcoming performances below. You can follow the red links to book tickets online, or call the Box Office on 01789 403493.

An audience gives a standing ovation.
An audience applauds at the end of a relaxed performance of Matilda The Musical in London.
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Relaxed performances

We make changes to the lighting and sound of a show, ideal for people with learning disabilities or autism, or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. There will be: 

  • Heightened lighting where you sit in the auditorium 
  • A 'chill-out' room for those who need quiet time during the show 
  • A visual story sent out to help familiarise you with the plot, characters and settings

The director, actors and technical team will have thought carefully about what might need to change in the show so that people's needs have been taken into account. For instance, very loud noises or music might be turned down, or specific movements or lines might be adapted slightly.

We have relaxed performances for:

  • Matilda The Musical - Cambridge Theatre, London, 10 June, 3pm*
  • Matilda The Musical - Birmingham Hippodrome, 19 July, 2pm - call the Hippodrome directly on 0844 338 5000
  • The Comedy of Errors: First Encounters - Swan Theatre, 26 October, 10.15am - tickets not yet available for this performance, so save the date and check back soon. 
*Call the RSC Box Office on 01789 403493 for reduced priced tickets for this performance.
A Christmas Carol marketing image_ 2018_2018_Photo by Manuel Harlan _c_ RSC_237656
A Christmas Carol returns as our festive show later this year.

Chilled performances

For these performances, the show itself doesn't change, but there is a more casual approach to noise and movement in the theatre. This is ideal for people who may need to leave the auditorium during the show, including people with dementia and autism, and parents with babes in arms. 

Our chilled performances are:

Find out more about these and other assisted performances on our Assisted Performance page.
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