We were thrilled to win the Design for Good prize at the 2018 In-House Design Awards.

Our new education site, the Shakespeare Learning Zone, came away with a prize at this year's In-House Design Awards.

The Design for Good award recognises the work done by design teams within charities. At the event, the Learning Zone was described as an "impressively original and thorough re-imagining of what an educational resource can be."

For the site, Sam Jones from our Visual Communications team designed individual character emojis that captured the essence of each Shakespeare character, freed from any assumptions based on race, gender or sexual orientation. Artistic Director Gregory Doran provided the descriptions to help the team really get into the heads of the characters.

Shakespeare Learning Zone
Icons and graphics were designed by our Visual Communications team.

The Shakespeare Learning Zone is the most in-depth online learning resource ever for young people about Shakespeare’s plays, and is completely free, accessible to all, and comes with three different levels of information to support learners of all ages and abilities.

Launched initially with seven of Shakespeare’s best-known plays, two new plays will be added each term to create a comprehensive online bank of resources for pupils and teachers.

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