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Busking It

It started as a series of sketches inspired by my experiences as a busker on the London Underground.

Casting update for The Tempest in London

A casting update for the London transfer of Gregory Doran’s The Tempest, in collaboration with Intel and The Imaginarium Studios.

A big week for mischief

Our spring Mischief Festival opens and tickets for our September Mischief Festival go on sale.

Rehearsal Photos | The Earthworks

Photographs from the rehearsals of The Earthworks, part of the Mischief Festival at The Other Place.

Rehearsal Photos | Myth

Photographs from the rehearsals of Myth, part of the Mischief Festival at The Other Place.

Rhythms, chords and melodies

After a working weekend and many days of writing, recording and listening, it’s an interesting challenge to be playing with words.

Tech rehearsals

Just when you feel that you have conquered your movement from one side of the stage to another, you move to the theatre and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, changes.

Hamlet National Tour

Paapa Essiedu reprises his award-winning performance in the title role as one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragic heroes.

RSC Thru the Lens

We reveal a different side to life at the RSC in the past and present, in Stratford and elsewhere.

Martin Hutson

The Rome season actor talks about playing Cassius and Saturnius, and trying his hand at directing.

A Tale of Two Tables

It’s so good to be back, in two very different shows and looking forward to spending the summer in Stratford with a great bunch of actors. I cannot wait!


The trailer for our 2017 production of Salomé. Playing in the Swan Theatre from 2 June

Ovid the Storyteller

Love, violence and transformation - we celebrate the wonderful tales of one of Shakespeare’s greatest inspirations, 2,000 years after his death.

Q&A with Vice Versa writer Phil Porter

The writer of our new comedy, Vice Versa, explains a thing or two about his play, lovingly ripped off from the Roman playwright Plautus.

Matilda tours the UK

Our multi award-winning production of Matilda The Musical will tour the UK and Ireland from March 2018, opening at Leicester Curve.

Q&A with Salomé Director Owen Horsley

Owen Horsley explains his approach to Salomé, casting and why Oscar Wilde's play matters in 2017.

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