Our hugely successful costume auction raised £19,000, selling all 81 items from £25 to more than £3,000.

The auction took place on eBay and closed on Friday evening (27 April). The best selling item was a jacket David Tennant wore to host Shakespeare Live From Stratford-upon-Avon, marking 400 years since Shakespeare's death, which brought in more than £3,000. The tunic he wore as Richard II made a similar amount.

Other top-selling items include:

  • Judi Dench’s doublet and hose for over £1,000
  • Alex Hasell’s red jacket from Henry V for over £800
  • Ian McKellen’s red coat for over £500

All the money raised from the auction will go towards the Stitch In Time campaign to support the restoration and redevelopment of our Costume Workshop and help us continue to create stunning costumes for you and audiences around the world to enjoy.

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