Professor Millie Taylor's new book looks at how music and sound contribute to the theatrical experience.

A book about the work of our unique sound department has been released. Theatre Music and Sound at the RSC: Macbeth to Matilda was written over five years by author Millie Taylor and explores how our use of music and sound enhances our theatre making.

Our Head of Music, Bruce O'Neil, assisted with the research for the book. He says: "The contribution of composers to the work of the RSC is absolutely crucial. Music is a hugely significant part of Shakespeare’s work and a hugely significant part of the theatrical experience."

Jeremy Dunn, our Head of Sound, adds: "Sound is often a misunderstood concept in theatre that can change the way you feel about the entire thing – so it’s great to be recognised by a publication and show the hand-shaking that goes on between music and sound – the collaboration to make those atmospheres, to make those scenes in a three-dimensional way."

Millie is Professor of Musical Studies at the University of Winchester and has previously written books on British pantomime and musical theatre.

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Millie Taylor with Head of Sound, Jeremy Dunn, and Head of Music, Bruce O'Neil.
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