We are moving to the next stage of restoring and redeveloping our Costume Workshop, as our team of runners get ready to run the Stratford Half Marathon.

The site for the building work has now been cleared and throughout April there has been a 50-tonne crane on site, putting in the new foundations to the building.

This sheet piling stage involved positioning a series of 8-metre tall metal sheets into the ground, as well as strengthening the foundations of the existing buildings. Now the site is cleared and the foundations are in, the construction work can begin on our new 21st century Costume Workshops.

Workmen in orange overalls and hard hats survey the demolition work on the Costume Workshop.
Work continues on the site.

Running for Stitch In Time

Our Running Wardrobe team, made up of 11 staff from different departments, will take to the streets of Stratford to raise £10,000 towards the campaign.

The team will be wearing red Running Wardrobe T-Shirts, customised by our costume makers, who will be based in our new redeveloped workshops from summer 2020.

The team printed our runners‘ names on white flexible fabric which would allow for movement when running. Then the team had free reign to customise with glitter, foil, buttons and sequins.  These were then sewn onto the back of the T-shirts.

Two pieces of white fabric with the names Elliot and Rebecca painted on in sparkly glitter.
Two of the sparkly nameplates.
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