We are thrilled to announce that the renowned singer-songwriter will be the voice of our upcoming live, online production.

We're less than two weeks away from the premiere of Dream (March 2021), where theatre, music and groundbreaking technology will combine in an exciting new online performance, with Nick Cave acting as narrator as we explore the virtual midsummer forest.

Cave has been performing music for more than forty years and is best known as the songwriter and lead singer of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. His latest album, 'Carnage', written and recorded with Warren Ellis, was released in February 2021.

In a role pre-recorded during lockdown, Cave will be the Voice of the Forest, a strange and beautiful character we never see but who is all around us. Entering at dusk, the audience will have the chance to interact with the cast to explore and regrow the forest by dawn, guided by the forest itself.

Dream is a collaboration between the RSC, Manchester International Festival, Marshmallow Laser Feast and Philharmonia Orchestra. Tickets are still available for the show, which you can enjoy for free as a spectator or as an interactive event with our £10 Audience Plus tickets. Take on the role of a firefly, exploring and illuminating the forest and influencing the world of the show through your phone, computer or tablet.

Black and white picture of Nick Cave
Nick Cave.
Photo by Christie Goodwin © The Artist Browse and license our images
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