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A Meeting with Michael Morpurgo

3 July 2020

The acclaimed author will be talking about his new book for an online audience of our Lead Associate School teachers and theatre partners on 7 July.

Much Ado About Nothing watch-along on BBC Four

1 July 2020

Join the watch-along and see our country house comedy, set in the aftermath of the Second World War on BBC Four this Sunday (5 July), from 9pm.

Theatre Boxes for families

28 June 2020

We're working with Liberty Arts Yorkshire to give boxes of practical theatre resources to families in Bradford that might need a helping hand during lockdown.

Short films in lockdown

24 June 2020

Watch our collection of original short films inspired by Shakespeare and created in lockdown.

Ian Holm

22 June 2020

Our Artistic Director Gregory Doran writes a tribute to the actor Ian Holm, who died last week.

Midsummer Festival

15 June 2020

Celebrate midsummer with activities and short films inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Daily Shakespeare lessons with BBC Bitesize

16 June 2020

Find daily Shakespeare lessons on BBC Bitesize this week for pupils aged 11-14 at Key Stage 3, themed around Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

RSC response to The Sunday Times

15 June 2020

We are shocked and appalled by the unacceptable and abhorrent phrase used in a Sunday Times listing this week, describing our 2018 production of Macbeth as “less garishly diverse in casting” than our 2018 Romeo and Juliet.

David Tennant and The Seven Ages of Man

11 June 2020

Actor David Tennant performs The Seven Ages of Man in lockdown.

Macbeth watch-along on BBC Four

10 June 2020

Join the watch-along and see Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth on BBC Four this Sunday (14 June).

RSC Artists Speak Up

8 June 2020

Watch this short film created by RSC Artists. #BlackLivesMatter

The great preservation operation

4 June 2020

How do you protect 12,000 precious and delicate items from theatre history, some from the 1600s, and keep them safe through a crisis?

A message from Gregory Doran

2 June 2020

Our Artistic Director Gregory Doran explains how theatre is under threat.

Support for Artists

29 May 2020

UK theatre makers have been hit hard, but we are campaigning to secure a diverse, ambitious and hopeful future for theatre in this country.

Costume Workshop takes shape

1 June 2020

The restoration and redevelopment of our Costume Workshop continues, so that we will be able to keep creating stunning costumes for audiences to enjoy.

Give without spending

19 May 2020

Theatres across the UK are in crisis and facing unprecedented challenges to survive.

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