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Coronavirus and FAQs

17 March 2020

Your questions answered about our temporary closure, in line with government guidelines.

From our artistic director

27 March 2020

Gregory Doran tells RSC audiences “We will be back.”

Blue light tribute to the NHS

2 April 2020

We are marking #ClapForOurCarers with a blue light tribute in our tower.

Twelfth Night Online Premiere and Watch-along

26 March 2020

We are marking World Theatre Day today (Friday) by inviting you to join a live ‘watch along’ from your living room of Twelfth Night, taking place next month.

The Understudy Club, Part 1

6 April 2020

Before the theatre closure was announced, Amy got together with other actors from the Shakespeare tour to talk about being an understudy with the RSC.

We join the BBC’s big push on education

3 April 2020

As millions of parents and young people adjust to home schooling and learning, we sign up to the BBC’s biggest push on education in its history.

Matilda and more – greatest moments from the Oliviers

3 April 2020

This year’s Olivier awards are cancelled, but you can catch the greatest moments from the last 10 years on TV and radio.

At home with Shakespeare

2 April 2020

How you can enjoy our shows, features and other work from the comfort of your own home.

Our final week on tour

31 March 2020

Actor Amy Trigg reflects on the Shakespeare tour coming to an abrupt end, as theatres are forced to close by the pandemic.

The Boy in the Dress is a winner!

24 March 2020

Our family musical won Best Home Produced Show at the 2019 What's On Readers' Awards.

Culture in Quarantine

26 March 2020

We will be broadcasting six of our plays on the BBC between now and September.

Watch RSC shows from home

20 March 2020

Our theatres may be closed, but you can watch lots of fantastic RSC shows for free with Marquee TV.

New exhibits for The Play's The Thing

6 March 2020

Our exhibition of 100 years of theatre making reopened this weekend with new features, including a costume worn by Judi Dench.

Relaxed performance of The Boy in the Dress

5 March 2020

We welcomed audiences to a relaxed performance of The Boy in the Dress last month.

Is The Comedy of Errors really a comedy?

3 March 2020

Assistant Director Hal Chambers explains his role and how Director Phillip Breen has helped the team to rediscover this well-known play.

The World of The Whip

26 February 2020

Discover the true story behind the play, as Juliet Gilkes Romero explores the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act and the fight for better working conditions.

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