We will work with the creative technology pioneers to explore how 'spatial computing' can transform theatre.

Magic Leap

Today, we announce a new partnership with technology pioneers Magic Leap to look at how spatial computing can change the way audiences experience theatre. This will include the launch of a Fellowship for students or recent graduates, starting in Autumn 2018. 

Spatial computing uses technology that can detect and respond to the environment, creating a seamless blend of the real and the digital. The Fellows will receive support and training as they investigate how this technology can be applied to live performances.

Artistic Director Gregory Doran said: “This partnership will build on our many years of innovation through performance and our pioneering digital work. I am delighted that this journey begins with an opportunity for young people to join us as we explore the vast opportunities that spatial computing will open up to us.”  

Our partnership is announced on the day that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport release their Culture is Digital report, which highlights the role organisations like the RSC in shaping the growth of digital culture in the UK.

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