From paper straws to rechargeable batteries, we're looking at ways to reduce the environmental impact of our work.

With hundreds of performances and over a million visitors every year, we know that our work has an environmental impact, so we have been looking at ways to make our theatres greener and more environmentally friendly. We have:

  • Changed the packaging we use to send out our Education News mailing to a starch-based package made from waste potatoes, rather than non-biodegradable polythene. The wrap is fully home compostable and biodegradable.
  • Replaced plastic straws with paper straws, which break down much quicker after use.
  • Moved to rechargeable batteries – our Sound team previously used around 4,000 AA batteries per year, and a single rechargeable battery can do the work of 500 standard batteries.
  • Switched to more efficient lighting in our theatres and offices, including motion-sensitive and less power-intensive lighting systems.
  • Installed grease traps to prevent fats and oils creating hard-to-remove 'fatbergs' in the sewer system.
  • Sent old uniforms to a textile reclaimer to be sorted and processed for export and reuse overseas, preventing the unnecessary destruction of high-quality clothing.
Stripy paper straws in a glass jar.
We now use paper straws in our cafes and restaurants.
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We are always looking for new ways to make our work greener and more sustainable. Find out about our other environmental initiatives or read our Environmental Policy for more. 

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