The Creative Industries Council featured our 3D experience in their list celebrating British companies using technology creatively.

Our 3D performance of the famous Seven Ages of Man speech from As You Like It has been featured in Createch's 50 Ones to Watch List.

Created with Magic Leap and visible through a special headset, The Seven Ages of Man shows a foot-high actor performing the speech as a digital tree blooms and fades in the background. Actor Robert Gilbert was recorded from multiples perspectives using volumetric capture to build the 3D image, which can be viewed and heard from different angles.

Watch the video below to get a taste of the performance:

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Artistic Director Gregory Doran explains: “We decided to present the piece as a ‘tabletop theatre’ experience, so the audience could choose where to place the performance and watch it from the best seat in the house. They could also walk around it and view the action from every angle.”

The Seven Ages of Man is now available at Magic Leap World for viewers with a Magic Leap One headset.

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