We are auctioning more than 50 items of costume and armour on eBay to raise money for our Stitch In Time fundraising campaign.

The online auction is now live on eBay. It ends on 27 April at 8pm. Costumes worn by actors including Simon Callow, Sinead Cusack, Jane Lapotaire, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Antony Sher, will all feature in the auction. There will also be:

  • Simon Russell Beale’s waistcoat from Restoration (1988)
  • Susannah York’s cream dress from Camino Royal (1997)
  • David Tennant’s black dress trousers from Hamlet (2008)
  • Patrick Stewart’s black trousers from The Merchant of Venice (2011)
  • Anita Dobson’s grey blazer from The Merry Wives of Windsor (2012)
  • Judi Dench’s doublet and hose from Shakespeare Live! From the RSC (2016)

Items in the auction come from RSC shows dating back to the 1970s. We have listed each costume on eBay individually with costume measurements and a certificate of authenticity.

Once an RSC show ends, most of the costumes go to our Costume Hire. Some key items go to our Museum Collection, ensuring that they are looked after to be enjoyed for future generations. The items in the Stitch In Time auction have been worn or used on stage. The workshop makes duplicates of many costumes, so they can be washed and repaired during the life of a show, and this has allowed us to have some very special items available to purchase.

Go to the costume auction


All proceeds will go towards the Stitch In Time campaign to support the restoration and redevelopment of our Costume Workshop and help us continue to create stunning costumes for you and audiences around the world to enjoy.

All bids for the auction need to be entered by the bidder independently via eBay. The RSC cannot facilitate bids for any individual.