Jacqui O’Hanlon, our Director of Learning, continues to champion the importance of arts education in a recent series of talks and conferences.

As well as highlighting the impact of our work on children and young people, Jacqui has been speaking about our belief that an arts-rich education should be the right of every child, not just the privileged few.

School children hold hands in the air
Photo by Rob Freeman © (c) RSC Browse and license our images
Jacqui O'Hanlon

"Children born in the UK today can expect to live for as much as one hundred years. They are likely to witness immense change and face great challenges. An education that stimulates their creativity through arts subjects and experiences can help them thrive, enjoy, and achieve in their lives, and perhaps shape a better future for themselves."

Jacqui is championing the role of arts education for young people at these events: 
  • Kicking off at the Future Forward conference in Warwick, Jacqui’s talk, entitled ‘why all schools should be arts rich’, examined why an arts-rich education is the best way to unlock potential, contribute to health and happiness and foster vital skills for life beyond school.
  • Speaking about the future and importance of arts education at a pre-show reception for Matilda The Musical
  • Chairing a roundtable discussion with other colleagues in the arts and cultural sector on behalf of the Gulbenkian Foundation. Forty years ago, the Gulbenkian Foundation published a seminal report called Arts in Schools. Jacqui’s roundtable looked at what progress has been made in ensuring the rights of all children to high-quality arts and cultural learning. The feedback will be used to inform a new report to be published later this year.
  • Taking part in the Foundation for Educational Development’s (FED) two-day National Education Summit.


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