The British Comedy Award and BAFTA winner will pen a contemporary version of the Porter scene in Wils Wilson’s upcoming production of Shakespeare’s gripping and brutal tragedy.

The comedian and screenwriter Stewart Lee is rewriting Macbeth's Porter scene in a new production which begins later this month at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

The character of the drunken Porter is seen in Act 2, as Macduff and Lennox come to call on Duncan, and is regarded as darkly comedic. 

Stewart Lee
Comedian and writer Stewart Lee will rewrite the Porter scene
Photo by Steve Ullathorne © The Artist Browse and license our images
Wils Wilson (l), Alison Peebles (c) and Stewart Lee (r) in rehearsals for Macbeth

Scottish actor Alison Peebles will play the Porter in Wils Wilson’s production. 

Macbeth, which features Reuben Joseph and Valene Kane as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, opens in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre from Saturday 19 August – Saturday 14 October 2023.

Alison Peebles will play the Porter in Wils Wilson's production of Macbeth
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