“A utopian way of living” – how Afrofuturism brings together the traditions of Africa with a look to the future through art, music, literature and fashion.

Our production of Much Ado About Nothing draws inspiration from Afrofuturism. Costume Designer Melissa Simon-Hartman and photographer Asiko explain what the movement is, how it brings together the old and the new, and how we've used it in the show.

Melissa defines Afrofuturism as "a cultural aesthetic... a way that we can express ourselves as a culture."

Photographer Asiko adds: "It's the whole thing of drawing back from the inspiration of the African aesthetic and the African heritage, but also looking at a utopian way of living."

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"Afrofuturism brings hope and it brings a new way of living"

Much Ado About Nothing plays in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre until 12 March 2022, directed by Roy Alexander Weise, with costumes designed by Melissa Simon-Hartman and set by Jemima Robinson. 

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