Busking It started as a series of sketches inspired by my experiences as a busker on the London Underground. I got my licence when I was 18 and in those (nearly 10!) years I learned so much, had so many unique experiences and met so many fascinating people. There's too many to count. So I started taking a notebook out with me so I wouldn't forget things that happened. I performed a new sketch each month at a scratch night I run in East London That's how 'Busking It' was born.

What fascinated me most about busking was that I saw people at their best and at their worst. I often left a pitch feeling that, despite these difficult times (and horrible hecklers), there is something inherently good in most people. There is some hope in humanity. I wanted to write a show that captured that, but was also brutally honest about the challenges we face, and our responsibility to engage with what's happening in front of us, before it's too late.

Danusia in scarf and sheepskin coat with clenched fist and a polystyrene cup looking angry, a man plays accordion in the background
Danusia performing Busking It

While performing in the Swan company last year, I approached the RSC and was given some R&D time to develop my sketches into a play. I've been working with the brilliant director Guy Jones ever since, redrafting like crazy to create and shape a full story that I hope you'll enjoy.

I also met Adam and Joe (Hugely Problematic) at the RSC. We'd already written a Xmas song together (check out https://youtu.be/BjNF4H_SU6Y) so they were the natural fit to create music for the show. We have written all original tunes and they sound brilliant, so come even if it's just for the music!

This project is very close to my heart, so I hope you enjoy it and am very keen to chat with audiences after about their impressions, thoughts and suggestions!

For a bit more to whet your appetite, check out our trailer below. Hope to see you there! 

You can see Busking It on Friday 2 June as a work in progress - part of the Mischief Festival.

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Danusia Samal

Danusia Samal

Danusia Samal is a London-born actress and jazz singer. She spent part of her childhood living in Turkey and Yemen, and trained at the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Central School of Speech & Drama. Follow Danusia on Twitter @danusiasamal


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