Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.

- Elizabeth Taylor


I have been asked to provide a brief biography. Firstly and most importantly, I AM A DEERHOUND, and to paraphrase Michael Flanders and Donald Swann:

“I’m a Deerhound, spelt D-E-E-R-H-O-U-N-D

Call me shaggy dog or Wolfhound and I’ll sue”

Perhaps it doesn’t scan like The Gnu Song, but I am a dog after all, and not great at poetry.

I am four years old and was born in Holland. My posh name is Pitlochry Nancy Fancy Pants, so you can see why I prefer Theia…

I live in Warwickshire with four canine siblings and a very large number of felines. I’m not too sure how many there are. Someone told me to count the number of legs and divide by four, but the pesky creatures don’t keep still for long enough. Our every whim is catered for by our principal human carers, Alan and Liz.

Tam Williams and Sophie Stanton in costume with Lossie and Theia.
Theia (right) and Lossie pose with human actors, Tam Williams and Sophie Stanton.

As for the play... After weeks of arduous rehearsals, we finally had our press night. It seems that I have taken the correct approach by adopting my method acting stance. None of this “Know your lines and don’t bump into the furniture" stuff as advised by a certain Spencer Tracy!

Our reviews have been most encouraging. Everyone seems to like our performance, though I must have a serious word in the ear of a certain reviewer who referred to us as gorgeous wolfhounds…GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Looking forward to bringing you more barks from backstage,

Theia (cù mòr faltach)

Lossie, a grey deerhound.
Lossie poses for the camera.


Hello everyone, Lossie here…

Acting is brill! I jump up people and get treats (I like treats) and on press night the human cast and crew brought us presents... and extra treats!

Next time I will show you our green room (which isn’t green) and some pictures of me eating treats!

Love, Little Lossie xx



Theia the Deerhound is four and a half years old. An experienced screen dog, she is making her theatre debut in The Fantastic Follies of Mrs Rich at the Swan Theatre, alongside her friend Lossie.

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