By Abigail White

Part of 37 Plays, a national playwriting project to create a series of 37 brand new plays that reflect the world we live in today.


Emily and Leya, two 16-year-olds, meet outside the school counsellor's office.

Emily is quiet and reserved since her mother died. She ignores her emotions and doesn't want to form relationships with anyone, insisting that everything in her life is trivial if you look at the bigger picture. In reality, she does this because she is afraid of being emotionally affected by anything. Leya has anxiety and is terrified of dying, and is constantly plagued by big existential questions.

Throughout the first few scenes, they get to know each other and become unofficial friends, but their relationship is affected by both of their mental health problems. Leya becomes interested in Emily romantically, which finally makes Emily realise that she is scared to be in any kind of relationship because she doesn't want to lose anyone else.

In the final scene, Emily addresses her feelings towards her mother's death for the first time, and the two decide to stop being scared and just enjoy living. 

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Playwright age category: 11 to 17


Rachel Bagshaw, Artistic Director of The Unicorn Theatre

"Stars is tenderly and beautifully written, it has a tenderness to it that is really sweet."

About the playwright

Abigail is 16 and lives in East London. She is currently studying English Literature, Drama and Film Studies and enjoys all aspects of theatre. Stars is her first play. 

In partnership with Grand Theatre, Blackpool