By Isabella James

Part of 37 Plays, a national playwriting project to create a series of 37 brand new plays that reflect the world we live in today.


It follows the story of an elderly woman dealing with the grief of her recently deceased husband. It is intertwined with the introduction of a newlywed couple and you learn that they are moving into the house that the elderly woman is moving out of. Annie accepts the death of her husband and moves away to resume her life without her husband, while the new couple start their new life.

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Playwright age category: 11-17


37 Plays Reader

"This is a thoughtful meditation on the impact of grief. It's excitingly unexpected to have a young writer writing from this perspective: they have a strong writer's voice and the play is hopeful yet somber."

About the playwright

Isabella James: 'I am a writer from the East Midlands of England and I wrote the play Life Goes On. I am currently a student at Northampton School for Girls. I love reading and gaining a better understanding of the world around me. In my spare time, I enjoy writing scripts with my youth theatre and fellow writers.'

In partnership with Silhouette Youth Theatre