By Jacob Thomas

Part of 37 Plays, a national playwriting project to create a series of 37 brand new plays that reflect the world we live in today.


Shawn, an ex-astrophysics professor, is the president of the Sagan Amateur Astronomy Club, where the latest discoveries in space are supposed to be discussed. In reality, most of the time is spent listening to Shawn’s pessimistic views on humanity and the Earth.

When the club enters a competition, offering the chance for five people from an astronomy club to go to space and orbit the moon, a debate is started as to whether space tourism is justifiable.

Divisions begin to form in the group. Will any of them ever go to space? Or will they just prove Shawn correct, that humans are greed-driven and self-interested?

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Playwright age category: 11-17


37 Plays Reader

"The scenes of father-son reflection, the characterisation, the discussions at the space club, and the overall story are really well put together, thoughtful and detailed....this is really impressive work from a young writer."

About the playwright

Jacob is an aspiring young writer from the South-East of England. He has always been fascinated by stories and, when he was 14, began writing scripts for the stage and screen as a hobby. He enjoys writing in a wide range of genres but is particularly passionate about creating gripping drama narratives with meaningful concepts and a wider message for the audience to reflect on. Jacob is thrilled to have Momentary Masters, his first full-length play, recognised by the RSC as part of the 37 Plays Project.

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