By Samantha Robinson

Part of 37 Plays, a national playwriting project to create a series of 37 brand new plays that reflect the world we live in today.


Helen is menopausal and her teenage daughter, George, has gone silent on her. One day, stifled by the rising heat in her body and the growing tension in their tiny Lewisham flat, Helen returns to her childhood holiday spot in Llandudno, taking Cassie the dog as her only companion.

From Lewisham To Llandudno is a tender documentary-style play full of colourful characters. A story about grief, about hope, about a mother and daughter who are forced on a quest to understand more about themselves, and each other.

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Playwright age category: 18+


Flora Wilson Brown, RSC New Work Team

"Intriguing dialogue and dozens of distinctive characters. This is really well-shaped, paced, and executed, every location is well drawn and feels alive, it has a truly fresh take on the relationship between a mother and her child."

About the playwright

Samantha is a working class actor and writer born in Skelmerdsdale, Lancashire. She has performed in many stage and TV productions. Samantha is new to writing. She has had two short films produced, FunTimes and Idol and this year saw her play Twenty People A Minute at The Edinburgh Fringe which was shortlisted for The Scottish Theatre Awards.