By Edward Keppel

Part of 37 Plays, a national playwriting project to create a series of 37 brand new plays that reflect the world we live in today.


Frenemies is a modern-day tale about a group of young friends who constantly find themselves at odds with one another.

A new mobile app called FaceCrank emerges, posing a serious threat to humanity. This looming danger draws the friends closer together. They uncover the deep-seated strength that comes from unity, respect and mutual support.

Meanwhile, the world gets hooked on the app, which gives points for embarrassing others. Can the team stop FaceCrank before it's too late?

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Playwright age category: 11 and under


Rebecca Latham, RSC New Work

"The world building in this play felt vivid and beautifully realised, a script that invites you to imagine it on stage instantly. An evocative exploration of friendship and social media and the importance of genuine connection."

About the playwright

Ted (Edward) is a young writer from Northamptonshire. Frenemies marks his first attempt at playwriting after his teacher encouraged him to give it a shot. He's currently at Ecton Brook Primary School. He really likes English and achieved 'Greater Depth' standard this year. Besides English, Ted has a keen interest in maths and information technology. He's often the go-to person for staff and students alike when it comes to IT problems. Ted is on the autistic spectrum and writing has really helped him to express himself in a more structured way.

In partnership with Silhouette Youth Theatre