By Rosanna Jahangard

Part of 37 Plays, a national playwriting project to create a series of 37 brand new plays that reflect the world we live in today.


Pram Talk is a witty, enlightening and powerful play about Bronte, a misfit new mum trying to find herself in her new world of babies and parenthood.

Walking in the park one day, Bronte is trying to quiet her anxious thoughts, when she sees her ex. The toxic ex who is the father to her baby. The baby she has kept secret from him. She has her reasons, but can she ever be justified? Then Bronte’s boss tells her she will be losing out on promotion from being on maternity leave, and her beloved pram is sent to the bottom of the river by unruly teenagers. Meanwhile everyone around her just seems to have it together.

With her fragile world unravelling, Bronte realises that she must stop self-sabotaging and create a better life for her daughter. She sets about repairing friendships, getting organised with childcare, standing up for herself at work, leaning on her community and finding better ways to deal with her mental health. Whilst ultimately learning not to compare to herself to the perfect mums on social media, she must also make the ultimate decision to do what’s right for her daughter. Can she see it through?

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Playwright age category: 18+


Lyn Gardner, Theatre Critic

"I love the characters, I love the prose, I loved this mixture of the quite poetic and the prosaic"

About the playwright

Rosanna Jahangard is a writer and mum of two based in Berkshire and London. She has co-created shows with diaspora and refugee communities, directed adaptations for youth productions and published essays on identity and belonging. Pram Talk is her first full-length play.

In partnership with Grand Theatre, Blackpool