By Hannah Kennedy

Part of 37 Plays, a national playwriting project to create a series of 37 brand new plays that reflect the world we live in today.


When Dan, a 16-year-old young carer for their younger brother and terminally ill mother, discovers their mother is due to be sent into a hospice, they are forced to confront their greatest fear: losing the family, they had fought so hard to keep together. When they discover the online world of fandom and roleplay, they find a way to escape the real-world traumas of their life. However, the deeper they sink into the world of fiction, the further down they bury their real-life problems.

Godmodders & Metagamers is a play about growing up through trauma in the internet age. Exploring themes of gender identity, childhood, grooming and family, this play speaks to the secret second lives so many teenagers (particularly queer and trans teenagers) have when growing up and the challenges that come with it.

Trigger Warning: death, dying, terminal illness, transphobic language, grooming, sexual assault.

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Playwright age category: 18+


Lyn Gardner, Theatre Critic

"What is so exciting about this play is it is genuinely putting the internet on the stage written by somebody who is a digital native."

About the playwright

Hannah Kennedy is a writer from Buckinghamshire who holds an MFA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Recently, they were invited to become a BAFTA Connect Member, and last year, they were commissioned by the University of Chichester to write TWIGS. With their full-length plays Still Water and Ducks performed at London pub theatres such as the White Bear Theatre and Barons Court Theatre, Godmodders & Metagamers is Hannah's latest and most ambitious play yet.