We employ people in many different disciplines and across many different sites, and behaving respectfully is at the heart of our organisation.

Respectful behaviour extends to the thousands of people who visit our buildings or see our productions each year. Our Respect values are central to the way that we operate, and create a shared understanding of how we work together every day.

view from the back of the stage of the cast assembled for applause
The Royal Shakespeare Theatre stage
Photo by David Tett © RSC Browse and license our images

Everybody working at the Royal Shakespeare Company has a responsibility to:


Each other's unique contribution to the RSC

We respect each other's skills and expertise and appreciate the different challenges we face. 


with consideration to the ideas or concerns of others

We all have experiences and insights that contribute to the Company's continuing success.


The impact our behaviour has on those around us

We communicate with courtesy and thoughtfulness. 


Each other and collaborate

We work together to create a healthy, happy and safe environment for all. 

Key Principles

Everybody who works at the RSC is expected to behave in accordance with our Respect values. These values create a shared understanding of how we work together and provide a set of four guiding principles about our behaviour. They also invite us to consider our behaviour and how we best demonstrate these values in our day-to-day work.

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