Shakespeare Nation

We’re on a mission to create a nation of Shakespeare and theatre lovers around the country.

Shakespeare Nation is a community participation programme run by the RSC and our partner theatres, aimed at engaging with people who have little or no experience of Shakespeare, either as a theatre-goer or performer. 

Group of people with arms in the air sitting on a stage
The 84 participants from the six Shakespeare Nation groups around the country who took part in Henry VI: Rebellion.
Photo by Topher McGrillis © RSC Browse and license our images

Working hand-in-hand with our partner theatres and Associate Schools, we want anybody aged 3 - 103 to have the opportunity to feel the transformative power of theatre and Shakespeare.  

Shakespeare belongs to everyone. We know that experiencing his plays in whatever way – sitting in the audience, working with them in a classroom or rehearsal room, by performing them in a village hall, or on the stage of any theatre - and coming to believe that the stories told are about you and your life, can have a powerful impact. 

The Shakespeare Nation adult engagement work is generously supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

The Oakley Charitable Trust: Supporting the involvement of Next Generation Act and Shakespeare Nation in Henry VI: Rebellion

Shakespeare Nation is kindly supported by Katie Bradford Arts Trust

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