We work in partnership with theatres, schools and organisations across the country and the world

Shakespeare Nation_ _Capulets _ Candyfloss_ performance in Nottingham_ July 2019_2019_Photo by Sam Allard _c_ RSC_287697
Shakespeare Nation Participant, Nottingham

"Being able to experience being part of a team. Learning to trust others, even in unknown situations. Learning that Shakespeare is enjoyable and not boring."



We believe that some of the biggest changes can happen through long term partnerships. Working over the long term we can develop trust, share values and, together, become greater than the sum of our parts. 

All of our partnerships are driven by shared commitments to social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. We are privileged to work with so many inspiring young people, teachers, community participants, artists and organisations and together, we all aim to make a positive difference to the lives of the people and communities we make work with, by and for. 

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