We work in partnership with schools, theatres, universities and other organisations both across the UK and internationally

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Our long-term partnerships offer a bespoke programme of work tailored to the needs of individual institutions, staff and student bodies.

RSC Learning aims to make Shakespeare vivid, accessible and enjoyable for students of all ages and their teachers.  We create opportunities for young people to learn about, participate in, challenge, shape and make performances of Shakespeare’s work in classrooms and communities. 

Our Approach

Our approach prioritises teachers’ professional development; we seek to form lasting partnerships with institutions and teachers, using approaches from our rehearsal rooms to explore the relevance of Shakespeare’s work to the lives of students and our world today.


Our aim is to work with partners who share our vision for Shakespeare and the arts in education – that they are a means through which young people can find their voice and begin to explore who they are now as well as who they might be in the future.

Our Evidence

We have a significant and compelling body of evidence illustrating the impact of our approach on student development.  A partnership with RSC Learning offers the opportunity to be in dialogue with one of the world’s leading theatre companies, joining an international community of practice.  


Work with teachers and faculty

Through working with the text in the same way that RSC actors do in a professional rehearsal room, our innovative professional development and learning opportunities support teachers to develop their own confidence and skills, as well as inspire young people and students.

Work with students

Working with an RSC Associate Learning Practitioner, our workshops use active, exploratory, problem-solving methods to help students see Shakespeare as a playwright who can still speak to young people today.

Performance outcomes

RSC artists provide workshop support around student work or to work directly with teachers and students to help form performances based on Shakespeare’s work. 


Through our Shakespeare Learning Zone and library of additional digital resources we can help support home learning, bring the RSC videos and instructional content into the classroom all of which underpin a community of practice based on RSC pedagogy. 

Our International Partnerships

Each year we typically work with over 1,000 state schools in the UK. Our international partners pay a fee to the RSC which is invested back into our work.  If you are interested in discussing being an international partner of RSC Learning, please contact Victoria Cholmondeley victoria.cholmondeley@rsc.org.uk. 

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