We want the RSC to be a diverse and inclusive organisation, accessible, welcoming and truly representative of the population of the UK, offering equality of opportunity to our current and potential audiences and workforce.


  • The Creative Case – a diverse programme of theatre is more resonant with audiences, more inventive and has a wider appeal. Diverse teams in all areas of our activity are more likely to be effective, adaptive and resilient
  • The Business Case – audiences are changing and we want to reach the audiences and donors of the future, recognising that increasing numbers of our loyal supporters already expect best practice in diversity and inclusion
  • The Moral Case – we are a national charity, in receipt of significant public and private investment, and our mission is Shakespeare for Everyone, so we must demonstrate that we represent the diversity of the UK on our stages, in our workforce and in our audiences.

For our 2018-22 planning, we are focusing on four key areas:

  • Ethnic background – setting ambitious goals around visible representation and seeking continuous improvement in diversity across our workforce
  • Social background – growing new and returning audiences and participants from the widest possible social backgrounds
  • Gender – increasing representation in acting companies and creative teams, without imposing hard and fast restrictions, and taking action on gender pay gaps in any given team
  • Disability – developing initiatives for reaching specific audience groups and undertaking workforce development to increase representation

The plan is led by a Board-level Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, chaired by our Deputy Artistic Director, Erica Whyman and supported by a team of Advocates from across the company. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan sets out our long term aims and an action plan to support delivery over the next four years.


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