Written on the Heart

Written by David Edgar in 2011 to mark the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, Written on the Heart was directed by Gregory Doran.

The story of Written on the Heart

Across an 80 year divide, two men translate the word of God into the English tongue. For one, it means death at the stake. For the other, it could mean an archbishop's mitre.

After almost a century of unrest, the King James Bible was intended to end the violent upheavals of the English reformation.

But deep-seated conflicts force a leading translator to confront the betrayal of his youthful religious ideals, for the sake of social peace.


Bruce Alexander - George Abbot, Bishop of London
Jamie Ballard - Young Lancelot Andrewes
Stephen Boxer - William Tyndale
Paul Chahidi - Richard Thompson/William Laud
Laura Darrall - Nun
Oliver Ford Davies - Lancelot Andrewes
James Hayes - Laurence Chaderton/Archdeacon
Jim Hooper - John Overall
Youssef Kerkour - Painter
Joseph Kloska - Samuel Ward
Sam Marks - Henry, Prince of Wales
Annette McLaughlin - Squire's Wife/Lady Alletta Carey
Jodie McNee - Mary Culler
Ian Midlane - Churchwarden
Mark Quartley -  Young Catholic Priest/Harington
Daniel Stewart - Clerk
Simon Thorp - Sir Henry Saville


Director - Gregory Doran
Designer - Francis O'Connor
Lighting - Tim Mitchell
Music - Paul Englishby
Sound - Jonathan Ruddick

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