Our former Artistic Director Trevor Nunn returned to the Swan Theatre that he created, to direct Ben Jonson's comic, satiric, angry, timeless play.

Nunn's most recent work with us was directing King Lear (with Ian McKellen) and The Seagull, which both played in Stratford-upon-Avon before touring the world. 

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Volpone is already a very rich man. But he worships gold, he understands greed, and he wants to get even richer. He knows that the bankers and lawyers and businessmen in the city around him will stop at nothing to make money... more and more money. Sound familiar?

Henry Goodman returns to the RSC to play Volpone having last appeared with us as Richard III (2003). Most recently Goodman has played Arturo Ui (for which he received an Olivier Best Actor Nomination) at Chichester Festival Theatre and in the West End.



Andy Apollo - Bonario
Sheila Atim- Assistant to Lady Politic Would-Be
Ankur Bahl - Androgyno
Guy Burgess - Judge/Merchant
Geoffrey Freshwater - Corbaccio
Henry Goodman - Volpone
Marcus Griffiths - Commandatori
Rhiannon Handy - Celia
Simon Hedger - Judge
Julian Hoult - Castrone
Matthew Kelly - Corvino
Jon Key - Nano
Orion Lee - Mosca
Annette McLaughlin - Lady Politic Would-Be
Steven Pacey - Sir Politic Would-Be
Miles Richardson - Voltore
Richard Rees - Judge
Colin Ryan - Peregrine
Nav Sidhu - Notary
Gabby Wong - Assistant to Lady Politic Would-Be


Director - Trevor Nunn
Designer - Stephen Brimson Lewis
Lighting - Tim Mitchell
Music - Steven Edis
Sound - Fergus O'Hare
Movement - Lynne Page
Fight Director - Terry King 
Video - Nina Dunn


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