Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe’s rarely told story of the intensity of human passion.

In 2017, Kimberley Sykes brought Marlowe's first play to the Swan Theatre, the rarely told story of the intensity of human passion and a woman of strength and brilliance who refused to be silenced.

What is your identity if your nation has been destroyed? Fleeing a war-torn Troy, Aeneas is a refugee seeking new roots and a new identity in Europe.

Queen Dido is ready to help him when meddling gods intervene and turn help into an all-consuming love.

Do they follow their hearts or fulfil their political destinies?


Ellie Beaven - Venus
Will Bliss - Hermes
Chipo Chung - Dido
Andro Cowperthwaite - Ganymede
Nicholas Day - Jupiter
Waleed Elgadi - Sergestus
Ben Goffe - Cupid
Sandy Grierson - Aeneas
Kim Hartman - Barce
Amber James - Anna
Laura Kirman - Arishat
Tom Lorcan - Ilioneus
Tom McCall - Achates
Miles Mitchell - Mnestheus
Lucy Phelps - Cloanthus
Bridgitta Roy - Juno
Johnson Willis - Kanmi
Daniel York - Iarbas


Kimberley Sykes - Director
Ti Green - Designer
Ciaran Bagnall - Lighting
Mike Fletcher - Music
Claire Windsor - Sound
Ayse Tashkiran - Movement
Terry King - Fights