Explore some of our past productions of plays by Shakespeare's contemporaries.

This section includes photos, videos, interviews and more about our past productions of plays written by playwrights who lived and wrote at the same time as Shakespeare.

Vivien Parry as Margery Eyre, wearing a long blue and red dress
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Plays by Shakespeare's fellow writers

The Alchemist

Polly Findlay directed Ben Jonson’s hilarious satire that revels in just how vain we humans can be.

Doctor Faustus

Maria Aberg directed Christopher Marlowe’s notorious tale of vanity, greed and damnation.

Don Quixote

Cervantes’ comic novel is widely regarded as one of the foundation stones of modern fiction.

Love's Sacrifice

Love's Sacrifice was Matthew Dunster's directorial debut with us at the RSC - a tragedy written by John Ford, probably first published in 1633.

The White Devil

The White Devil - Webster's violent tragedy - played in the Swan Theatre from July to November 2014, directed by Maria Aberg

The Shoemaker's Holiday

Phillip Breen directed Thomas Dekker's city comedy of class, conflict and cobblers in love, which was first performed in 1599

The Witch of Edmonton

By William Rowley, Thomas Dekker and John Ford,  The Witch of Edmonton played in 2014, directed by Gregory Doran

The Roaring Girl

The Roaring Girl played in the Swan Theatre from April to September 2014, part of our Roaring Girl season.

Arden of Faversham

Arden of Faversham played in the Swan Theatre from April to October 2014, directed by Polly Finlay. It was part of our Roaring Girls season.

A Mad World My Masters

Thomas Middleton's Jacobean 'city comedy', A Mad World My Masters, was Sean Foley's debut for us in 2013.


Trevor Nunn returned to the Swan Theatre to direct Ben Jonson's comic, satiric, angry, timeless play