Polly Findlay directed Ben Jonson’s hilarious satire that revels in just how vain we can be.

Polly Findlay's adaptation of Jonson's The Alchemist ran in in the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon during summer 2016, then transferred to the Barbican.

The story

When London is hit by an outbreak of the plague, the wealthy Lovewit flees to the country, leaving his townhouse in the hands of his trusted butler, Jeremy.

No sooner has his master left, Jeremy begins turning the house into a den of criminal activity. Assuming an alias, he recruits fellow conman Subtle and prostitute Doll Common to help him and sets out to rip-off half of London. Soon every knock at the front door is another unwitting victim begging to be relieved of their cash.

Things couldn't be going better for the gleeful trio until they receive a very unwelcome visitor.


Will Bliss - Neighbour/Officer
John Cummins - Ananias
Ruth Everett - Neighbour
Gabriel Fleary - Neighbour/Officer
Theo Fraser Steele - Neighbour
Natey Jones - Neighbour/Officer
Richard Leeming - Abel Drugger
Mark Lockyer - Subtle
Tom McCall - Kastril 
Joshua McCord - Dapper;
Siobhán McSweeney - Dol Common
Hywel Morgan - Lovewit
Ken Nwosu - Face
Ian Redford - Sir Epicure Mammon 
Rosa Robson - Dame Pliant
Tim Samuels - Sir Pertinax Surly
Timothy Speyer - Tribulation Wholesome
Eleanor Wyld - Neighbour 


Director - Polly Findlay
Designer - Helen Goddard
Lighting - Charles Balfour
Music - Corin Buckeridge
Sound - Gregory Clarke
Movement - Clive Mendus
Fights - Kate Waters
Original prologue and script revisions - Stephen Jeffreys

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