This lesson will focus on The Characters with activities looking at character relationships, and key character moments and turning points throughout the play. You will also be able to access our 1-hour Live Lesson exploring Lady Macbeth with Niamh Cusack.

A man and a woman in light robes kneel on the ground, ritually washing their hands in a bowl, as water falls from above
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In Lesson Two students will have had a chance to look at the plot and will be ready to focus on different character journey. This lesson will equip your students with the tools to question some of those character journey as we examine the language and some of the turning points and key moments in through a series of exercises and exploratory films. 

Further exercises on characters to be used with your students in class and at home can be found on the SLZ including basic character descriptionsa character map exploring relationships and PEE grids on central characters

The following activities look at the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in more detail.   

All exercises could be delivered in a 60-minute lesson.

Once students start to understand the character journeys and have worked in depth on the language we will move on to Lesson 3 and look at Language and Performance across the whole of the play. 


  • ACTIVITY 2: Approaches to character through a focus on punctuation: Macbeth’s journey

  • ACTIVITY 3: Approaches to character: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Watch the Macbeth Live Lesson originally shown in 2018 with Niamh Cusack and Peter Bradley.


In your online workshop you might want to focus on additional characters and relationships. To book your workshop just email  

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