This lesson will focus Language and Performance including a session from Professor Nick Walton looking at original performance conditions, and activities looking at Niamh Cusacks text detective film focusing on Act 1 Scene 5. There are activities that will look at the following scenes es Act 1 Scene 3; Act 2 Scene 1; Act 1 Scene 5; and Act 1 Scene 7.

Shoulder shot of couple, woman in profile with reassuring hand on should of worried bearded man wearing white shirt and braces
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As a recommendation start this Lesson watching the film delivered by Doctor Nick Walton from Shakespeares Birthplace Trust. The film gives students an insight into how the play was performed and will prove useful to reflect as your students explore the exercises.


Further exercises on language to be used with your students in class and at home can be found on the Shakespeare Learning Zone including: key language termskey scenes with videos and detailed breakdowns of themes and imagery.

Each activity takes students through a different approach to a scene or moment within the play. Some of the approaches might have been used in previous lessons however are referenced on a different scene.  Through the use of repetition what do we notice in the students understanding.   

The exercises in this Lesson could take up to 90 minutes. 

  • ACTIVITY 1: Language work on Macbeth’s speech Act 1 Scene 3: Two truths are told

  • ACTIVITY 2: An approach to Macbeth’s speech Act 2 Scene 1: Is this a dagger...

  • ACTIVITY 3: Language Analysis

  • ACTIVITY 4: Scene study: Exploring the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth – Act 1 Scene 7

In this video, RSC Voice Practitioner Nia Lynn defines what we mean by Shared Lines and explores, together with RSC Actors, what they might reveal about a situation or character. This film uses two different extracts from Macbeth where two characters are talking.

Remember as part of your package you get to book your online workshop just email to book in your slot. 

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