Explore all of our events for students, both in person in Stratford-upon-Avon, or online and accessible from anywhere in the UK.

Research tells us that when children and young people approach Shakespeare's texts as actors do, the effects can be profound.

By working on their feet and speaking the words out loud, young people not only find it easier to unlock Shakespeare's language, but also see improvements in their confidence and their ability to express themselves and ideas more clearly.

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We offer events both in-person, in Stratford-upon-Avon, and online, giving young people all over the country the chance to experience our work.


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'We were able to see how they created each scene and could give suggestions on how to improve it.  I liked how we then got to see them in the real play.'

Primary student

Free Schools' Broadcast - Michael Morpurgo's Tales from Shakespeare

Register now for our Free Schools' Broadcasts of Michael Morpurgo's Tales from Shakespeare: Hamlet, Henry V, King Lear and The Taming of the Shrew. Videos of live readings of the Tales will be available from Friday 14 January until 29 April 2022. One video will go live every Friday from 14 January - 4 February. 


Student Insight Sessions

In theses sessions students are invited to join members of the company and creative teams, in the theatre, to find out how the production was brought to life on stage.

Book now for our interactive Insight sessions for Much Ado About Nothing.

3 March 2022

10 March 2022 (Chilled Insight session prior to the Chilled Performance later that day)

Book now for our interactive Insight session for Henry VI: Rebellion

28 April 2022 (Chilled Insight session prior to the Chilled Performance later that day)

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