Have a Rubbish Birthday - Alex Kingston

Whisper #173

When Alex Kingston, who plays Prospero, wanted to celebrate a colleague's birthday, she turned to rubbish rather than retailers.

"Whilst working on the production of The Tempest and continuing the exploration of how sustainable we can be within that framework, I decided to extend that exploration and make a birthday card for Jamie Ballard, who plays Antonio.

As it was December, I made it using elements from a packet of mince pies, some foil from the top of a bottle of celebratory Prosecco (I got the job!) and random bits of coloured paper from bags and wrapping. The only extra element added was glue.

Fun, cost-saving, creative and made with love and care. Happy Birthday Jamie!"

Alex Kingston The Tempest sustainable birthday card
Alex Kingston created this birthday card for a cast member from recycled materials.
Photo by Alex Kingston © RSC Browse and license our images
Propero and Miranda on a tiny island amid a storm

Making a green tempest

Our 2023 production of Shakespeare's The Tempest is inspired by the climate emergency, asking us to examine the delicate balance in our personal relationships as well as with the fragile ecosystems that surround us. 

These blogs explain how everyone behind the show, from scenery builders and prop makers to the actors on stage is working together to create a sustainable Tempest that responds to and reflects the climate emergency.

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