In our final blog of the series three young women share what theatre has brought to their lives, and what they want it to be in the future.


Samia joined the Youth Advisory Board this year. She is a student at Bradford College.

I am a young African woman who’s in search of the hidden beauty in the world on and off stage and is excited to explore arts around the globe. I truly admire writers, because thanks to their work, I finally know what I want to do; I have found a magical door to wonderful places. The stage has given me a lot of confidence and self-love; I’m spellbound by many plays and very excited to perform them.

Theatre is a phenomenal place where everything is possible. In the theatre, there is freedom of expression; it's a place where you can choose whoever you want to be, finding a way of avoiding the harsh reality of life.

In the future, I hope that all young people will be able to experience theatre and be inspired by it and to become familiar with the extraordinary world behind it.

Lockdown engaged my enjoyment for the theatre through an interview with Andrew French and direction from Justin Audibert as we discussed and studied Shakespeare. I realised what excites and inspires me, and I also discovered a passion. During lockdown, I had time to think and I decided to continue my journey in drama and the performing arts. In the future, I hope I will be able to further develop my passion for theatre and share it with others.

Group of 21 young people standing in a studio together
Our Youth Advisory Board meeting in Stratford-upon-Avon in January 2020.
Photo by Lily George © RSC Browse and license our images


Emma attends St. Mary’s College, one of our Lead Associate Schools in Hull. She joined our Youth Advisory Board in 2020.

Theatre is a world of new ideas and imagination which takes you from everyday life to an entirely new place. The theatre is a place to lose yourself in somebody else’s world, or a time long passed.  

Coivd-19 has brought the theatre into our homes. Through productions filmed and shown online, many people who don't have the opportunity or money to see such fabulous productions are brought into the magic of a live show from the comfort of their living rooms. It loses some of the atmosphere of the drama in the theatre, the smells, diction and excitement, but it still allows the theatre to continue and the actors to work.

It is important for us to go to the theatre when it reopens, or purchase an online production to ensure the theatre survives. Many people have felt for the actors, whilst omitting the set designers, lighting and catering who all rely on theatre to fuel their earnings. 

In the future, I would like to see a theatre of choice, where you can go in a safe and controlled post-Covid environment, but also where you can choose to buy and view online, or in outdoor or even 'Drive in' productions to allow for the magic of the theatre in a relatively safe environment. It's important we all get a chance to see live theatre, and we must think of creative solutions to allow people to do it.


Siham is a student at Bradford College and has recently joined the Youth Advisory Board.

Theatre means expression, freedom; it is a magnificent, magical place where anything is possible, where ancient words written by authors of a different time and place can still have a great influence on us. Through the theatre, you open your mind and heart to the script’s voice and decide whether to accept or reject it.  

The most relatable feelings you are easily able to identify, the most complicated feelings you can begin to understand, this can even help you through a personal crisis. It gives life to penned characters and allows all of your deepest buried emotions to rise to the surface; through theatre people begin to hope again.

In the future, I would love to see the theatre more committed to investigating relevant societal matters, delve into more modern life issues and address them within the boundary of its walls, so that the audience leaves ready to make the necessary changes to think more deeply and make our world a better and safer place.

During lockdown, I had the opportunity to develop my art, my acting and my painting skills. I’ve studied a theatre script, interpreted the message and delivered it in an exciting and innovative way that I never could have imagined. In future, I'd love to be able to participate in every kind of art that is linked to theatre, to perform, to understand and appreciate. Theatre should be accessible for everyone.

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