Vinny shares why she came to the 18-25 Summer School to support her career in the arts and her extensive portfolio of creative roles.

My name is Vinitaraj Aulak, but I often go by my nickname Vinny. I am from Leamington Spa and am currently an Assistant Producer for Midlands-based artists as well as radio presenter at BBC Asian Network. When I am not presenting and producing, I am playwriting and have recently completed writing my second play and look forward to further contributing to my playwriting portfolio, staging, and performing in them in future. 

Since graduating from the University of Warwick in 2021 with a degree in English and Theatre, I have been exploring different creative paths and avenues, but one constant throughout has been my love for acting. From a young age I have always loved acting and any opportunity I had to be onstage I would take it and have performed at venues including the Belgrade Theatre, Leamington Spa Centre and Disneyland Paris and I one day hope to perform at the iconic theatre venue that is the RSC.  

I have become familiar with the RSC over the years, from watching performances at the venue to studying the plays and performances at the RSC whilst being taught by Professor Carol Rutter during my studies at the University of Warwick, so, when I saw the RSC Summer School advertised, I had to apply, and I am so glad that I did.

The week-long course was incredibly rewarding from beginning to end and was jam-packed in the best possible way. Not only did I gain practical experience but also theoretical combined with insightful talks delivered by members of the RSC staff including Hannah Miller, the head of casting as well as Q and A sessions with members of the cast from performances which we got to watch during the week including Richard III and All’s Well That Ends Well.


It was fantastic to see how our group learnt and performed a creative piece in a short space of time highlighting how the group quickly transformed into an ensemble

I particularly enjoyed the practical workshops including the session with Movement Director Sian Williams because it was just so immersive, engaging and liberating. It was fantastic to see how our group learnt and performed a creative piece in a short space of time highlighting how the group quickly transformed into an ensemble during the course of the week.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the voice workshops delivered by Ellen Hertly and Cathleen McCarron as I gained an understanding of how important it is to go through each Shakespeare line, with a fine tooth comb both mentally as well as verbally out loud. 

Additionally, learning simple yet effective techniques throughout the week including standing still whilst reciting lines vs having the freedom to use the space with a partner and then swapping the technique to see what an impact it has on the delivery of lines was incredibly useful. This combined with walking around the room at differing paces whilst reciting the lines aloud and becoming familiar with the text proved to be particularly helpful and I will continue to use both techniques in the future. 

I think my main takeaway from the course was learning how all-encompassing the role of an actor at the RSC truly is. You must immerse yourself in the text, work on the delivery of voice, the presentation of the body, relationship with the audience, how Shakespeare’s works will look entirely different from director to director and how your perception of your character may entirely shift from your initial understanding. It is this understanding that I will ensure to apply to my future acting roles and endeavours.  

If you are thinking about applying for the RSC Summer School, don't think about it, just go for it! You will meet a whole host of talented and like-minded creatives and learn skills which you can apply for years to come.

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