The next in our series of blogs from people across the country about what theatre has done for them and their community.

Rufaro is a founding member of our Youth Advisory Board (established 2019) and previously attended Stratford College. He is currently studying at the Italia Conti Drama School.

Theatre to me means a community where people can come together to enjoy something which has been created to educate and entertain. It helps me release energy and allows me to develop as a person.

In the future I want theatre to be an accessible and more diverse community. At the moment there is no equilibrium between the different communities accessing the arts and I hope we begin to involve those communities and sustain the relationships. I also want theatre tickets to be more accessible to everyone, currently the average ticket price for a show in the West End is £52.17 which is a major factor in the lack of diversity of people we have walk in to theatres. 


I want theatre to be a big part of the educational system - the arts should be used in schools more. It is imperative that we show the next generation that they have other options for their future careers. The arts allow you to be free minded, to learn how to be a team and most importantly they help people gain confidence. 

At the RSC, I’d like to see more programs with young people. I’d like to see the YAB be a more prominent group, starting to make the changes for our future generations. I’d like to help the RSC come back post Covid-19 with a clear direction in which way the company wants to go in terms of diversity, opportunities and sustainability. 


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