The Casting Department is there to help our directors and creative teams decide which actors will be hired to play which roles in our productions.

The Casting Department helps the director and creative team to choose the production's cast
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From liaising with actors and agents, to booking and running auditions, the Casting Department is the first point of contact between a production’s creative team and the future actors that will make up the cast.

Our Casting Department is made up of:

  • Head of Casting
  • Casting Directors
  • Casting Assistants

We also work with freelance Casting Directors.

Just like a Director, every production will have its own Casting Director assigned to it. For each production, the Director and Casting Director will start by discussing their ideas for the show. The Casting Director will then make lists of actors who could be right for each role – either from their own experience of actors, or via a call out to agents. Sometimes an actor will then receive an offer directly, or the Casting Director will arrange an audition. Once auditions have taken place, offers are then made to actors and the cast is assembled.

To find out more about our casting process, or to get in touch with our Casting Department, here are some frequently asked questions, useful links and contacts:

General Casting

  • Who is in the RSC casting department, and how do I contact them?

  • I’m an actor and I’d love to work with the RSC. How do I get a part in one of your plays?

  • I want to act in a specific production. How/when/where can I audition?

  • I would like to invite the Casting Department to see me on stage. What is the best way to do this?

  • Which productions are you casting now?

  • What is your casting process?

  • Do you have open auditions?

  • What can I expect when I come to an audition?

  • Where do you hold your auditions?

Children's Casting

  • My child would love to be an actor. How do I get them acting jobs on the stage?

  • My child is a talented actor and would love a part in your next play. Are you doing auditions?

  • My child doesn’t have an agent but wants to be an actor. Can they still get a part in a show?

  • Here is my child’s acting reel. Can you send it to your Casting Department?

  • We are on a low income; how can I support my child to pursue acting?

  • My child has an audition with you. What should they expect?