This production was directed by Peter Hall and John Barton and was first performed at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, in the summer of 1960.

A man in toga stands speaking or singing to a several couples sitting on a sandy surface, one couple sitting on a recliner with parasol
Pandarus (Max Adrian) visits Helen and Paris, Troilus and Cressida, 1960, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre.
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The production was set in a hexagonal sandpit with a hanging backcloth covered with abstract shapes. The set and costumes were designed by Leslie Hurry, who used long cloaks in purple and gold for the Trojans. The sand gave a dynamic feel to the stage, as it was always moving and catching the light, but also provided a strong contrast to these bright costumes.

A man dressed as a Trojan soldier, carrying a sword and helmet.



Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

Max Adrian - Pandarus

Patrick Allen - Achilles

Barbara Barnett - Unnamed parts

Julian Battersby - Unnamed parts

Roger Bizley - Margarelon

James Bree - Nestor

Walter Brown - Menelaus

David Buck - Diomedes

Christopher Cruise - Helenus

Frances Cuka - Cassandra

Gloria Dolskie - Unnamed parts

Roy Dotrice - Antenor, Servant

Donald Douglas - Aeneas

Denholm Elliott - Troilus

Maroussia Frank - Unnamed parts

Derek Godfrey - Hector

Paul Hardwick - Ajax, Prologue

Peter Jeffrey - Agamemnon

James Kerry - Unnamed parts

Dinsdale Landen - Patroclus

James Langley - Page

Susan Maryott - Unnamed parts

Mandy Miller – Unnamed parts

Peter O'Toole - Thersites

Eric Porter - Ulysses

Diana Rigg - Andromache

Clifford Rose - Priam

Elizabeth Sellars - Helen

David Sumner - Paris

Clive Swift - Alexander

Dave Thomas - Unnamed parts

Stephen Thorne - Calchas

Dorothy Tutin - Cressida

Philip Voss - Unnamed parts

William Wallis - Unnamed parts

Don Webster - Deiphobus




Director - John Barton, Peter Hall

Designer - Leslie Hurry

Lighting designer - John Wyckham

Music - Humphrey Searle


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