Troilus and Cressida

William Shakespeare

Find out about past productions of Shakespeare's tragedy in which Troilus, a Trojan prince, woos Cressida and professes his undying love.

Past productions

Our productions of Troilus and Cressida over the years have included many famous actors including Peter O’Toole (Thersites, 1960), Helen Mirren (Cressida, 1968), Francesca Annis and John Nettles (Cressida, Thersites 1976), Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman (Cressida, Achilles 1985), Ralph Fiennes and Simon Russell Beale (Troilus, Thersites 1990) and Joseph Fiennes (Troilus, 1996).

You can discover and download photos from our productions of Troilus and Cressida and other plays in the RSC Image Library.