Virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie collaborated with Gregory Doran to create a futuristic vision of a world resounding with the rhythm of battle.


Nicole Agada - Paris' Servant
Adjoa Andoh - Ulysses
Andy Apollo - Achilles
Charlotte Arrowsmith - Cassandra
Daisy Badger - Helen
Suzanne Bertish - Agamemnon
Daniel Burke - Diomed
James Cooney - Patroclus
Oliver Ford Davies - Pandarus
Gavin Fowler - Troilus
Helen Grady - Calchas
Amanda Harris - Aeneas
Daniel Hawksford - Hector
Jim Hooper - Nestor
Amber James - Cressida
Andrew Langtree - Menelaus
Geoffrey Lumb - Paris
Esther McAuley - Polyxena
Theo Ogundipe - Ajax
Leigh Quinn - Alexandra
Sheila Reid - Thersites
Mikhail Sen - Helenus
King Priam - Ewart James Walters
Gabby Wong - Andromache/Antenor


Director Gregory Doran | Designer Niki Turner | Lighting Matt Daw | Composer Evelyn Glennie | Co-Composer and Sound Dave Price | Movement Siân Williams | Fights Terry King

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